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Electrical Metering

From the basic pulse output meter to the full spectrum power quality meter, we can design the right package to meet your needs and incorporate the data into your building or energy management system, or to a web hosted data base with a windshield. All electrical metering meets or exceeds ANSI 12.20 standards for accuracy.

Additional Metering

Water, gas, thermal, and steam meters, to monitor usage and energy efficiency, can incorporated into an energy or building management systems that accept Modbus and BACnet protocols. These can be included in the original design, or added at a later date.

Data Collection 

Any meter or sensor data collected is time stamped and stored locally in non-volatile memory until the next scheduled upload or manual download. Using an Ethernet (LAN) connection you can push or pull data via HTTP, XML, FTP or a custom protocol.

  • The upload interval can be adjusted from once a day to near real-time.
  • There are several additional features including alarming, SNMP Traps, network configuration, wireless diagnostics, USB, and security provisions that come standard on most configurations.
  • Data can be hosted remotely for a nominal monthly fee allowing you to plot charts, investigate any alarms, select the data period from a drop-down calendar, and view information in intervals from one year to as little as an hour with the click of a mouse. This also enables the user to configure and make changes to all devices from one location.